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Don't just stand around waiting to play, join us today. The process is quite simple. Click on the link or head over to the contact page to join in the action.

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Soccer Fields

We strive to play on the best fields, but limited to what is available. Swing over to our Parks page to get a list over various soccer fields in the valley.

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Who We Are

The league was formed by a group of enthusiastic soccer players who love the game. Swing over to the About Us page and find out more info, the stop by the Contact Us page to drop us a line.

In The End

When It's all said and done, it's about playing the game.

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Join in the soccer action! Play soccer in the valley's best league where game play and professionalism is our trademark!

Phoenix Adult Soccer League

THIS SITE IS ACTIVE, send us a message if you want to play soccer using the form to the right!

Welcome Soccer Friends!

Welcome to the best adult soccer league in the valley.  We play primarily in tempe with our tempe soccer league.  We do play in various parks around the east valley.  Our games are held in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, and Gilbert.  We do plan to expand to other fields in other cities in the west and east valley but our main adult soccer league is the tempe soccer league.  If you’re interested in playing some adult soccer just contact us and we’ll do the rest.  This site is used to help find free agents.  This site is actively monitored and we respond to emails.

Soccer Seasons:

We will run seasons year round.  We start with our winter season in January.   The summer we still play our tempe soccer league Friday night or Saturday mornings.  Our fall season we are back doing tempe soccer league Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We also do soccer tournaments year round.  We have a soccer tournament in April.  There is also our December tournament.  We do know of other tournaments.  If you want info on those let us know.

Soccer Skill Levels:

The leagues are designed to the all skill levels.  We have various divisions to suit every level.  We even have an over 35 tempe soccer division for the more seasoned players.  Our coed friday league plays in tempe and also chandler with casual and skilled players.  The Saturday league has three divisions.  On Sunday we have two different divisions.

Soccer Format:

The tempe soccer league will consist of eight teams.  Each team plays one another in a round robin format. Our other adult soccer leagues have the same format.  After the regular season the squads will play in a two week playoff format.  The upper teams will play for either a trophy or stylish T-Shirts.  The lower bracket teams will play for the coveted wooden spoon!

Contact Us if you want to play Soccer:

Please visit our Contact Us page or one of the many forms to reach out and send us a message about playing adult soccer, we’ll love to hear from you.


We are proud to be part of the Arizona Sports League coalition.


Our league will continue to grow.  We get enough free agents each season to field a team.  If you want to play contact us.  This site is primarly used for our blogs.


If you have suggestions how to improve this site let us know.  Remember this site is primarly to attract free agents for our other site.